Mary Venner


I work in developing countries as a technical adviser on aid projects. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. During this time I’ve lived and worked in Kosovo and Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, the Solomon Islands, East Timor and the Philippines, Qatar, Libya and Somalia. Most of these are places no one would visit for fun.

Emails from friends almost always start with the question: “Where are you this time?”  Hence the title of this website and my book.

Wherever I’ve been I’ve kept diaries and notes about everything that happened. I began at the airport on the day I first left home to work in Kosovo. I bought an exercise book at the shop in the departure lounge and started writing.

Some of my notes and observations found their way into emails home and a few people said they wanted more. So I set up this webpage, and then, finally, some of the stories of my travels to strange and difficult places have been published in eBook and paperback.

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